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Discover EXACTLY how to uncover the money story you’ve been carrying throughout your life so you can form a more empowered relationship with money, create clear goals to grow wealth, and step confidently into the role of being the author of your future financial story.


Happy Woman

You’re making a steady (and perhaps significant) salary, and you’ve got a long list of goals for your career. 


But when it comes to your money, there’s a different story playing out.


You weren’t raised with a lot of it, and the messages you received around money as a child were strong.

  • Like there was never enough of it

  • You had to spend it cautiously

  • ​Or that buying anything that wasn't a true need was irresponsible

You didn’t grow up in poverty, but you weren’t middle class either.


And while your material needs were met, there were plenty of “extras” that were always off the table.


  • Like name-brand clothes and shoes

  • Eating out at restaurants

  • ​Or taking trips, going to shows, or signing up for private lessons

This “not enough” mentality didn’t phase you much as a kid…


...but you feel the ramifications of it almost daily as an adult.


Because while you’re making decent money now, you definitely don’t feel empowered or in control…


...and there are times when you’re negotiating a big purchase or speaking about financial matters that — as a woman — you don’t even feel seen or heard.


You want to be a woman who feels secure about her money —


who knows how to manage it, how to grow it, and that she’s confidently in control.


A woman who is free from the limitations or patterns of the past…


...and has the purpose and the clarity to create her desired vision for the future.


And a woman with the knowledge and the direction to leave “not enough” behind…


...who feels prepared and empowered to be the financial leader of her life.


Yet without the guidance and the framework to help you become that empowered woman, you keep living out your old money stories — or feel frozen about what to do — which leaves you feeling frustrated, stuck, confused, and alone.


It is incredibly common for people who have been raised in an environment where money was tight to have feelings and beliefs about money that don’t serve them today. This is especially true for women, because not only have women received those “not enough” messages, but there’s also been so much historical and societal conditioning about their relationship to money as well.

Like women aren’t responsible with money 

Women who want more are greedy

Or that women shouldn’t be able to (or don’t know how to) manage their money themselves

If you look back just a few decades, women couldn’t open their own bank accounts until the 1960s and couldn’t get a bank loan without a male co-signer until the 1970s.


And today, despite women being highly educated and receiving a higher number of advanced degrees than men overall, women are still not being paid the same as men for the same amount of work. So, it’s not surprising that women feel disempowered and disenfranchised when it comes to money.

This systemic imbalance — as well as the environment and/or attitudes around money in which many of us were raised — has led many women to adopt one (or all) of the following money beliefs:

My money situation will always be this way, because this is just how I am with money.

I can’t win because there are too many factors set up against me, such as too much debt or too few opportunities to make more money.

I don’t actually know how to fix my money situation, because I’m not an expert when it comes to money.

But the truth is:

You can do hard things!

It's NEVER too late (or too hard) to develop new beliefs — and a new relationship — with money.

To realize that your past with money INFORMS where you’re going — and can serve as an important catalyst…


To realize that while there are systems that exist that might make it challenging for you to succeed, you are fully capable of empowering and equipping yourself to do hard things…


And to realize that you have MANY financial resources available to you, as well as people who want to see you succeed, and that you’re not alone on this journey.

The good news is

...all of these realizations are not only possible - but VERY doable

With the right guidance and framework, you can uncover and release the money stories and beliefs that have been holding you back, and open yourself to an entirely new future where you step up confidently as the financial leader of your life.


I know this is true because I’ve done it myself — and I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Hi, I’m Tiara Abu —

educator, coach, entrepreneur, and founder of SHE CAN WORK School for Women

I grew up in a single-parent home in Kansas City, Missouri, with a mom who worked multiple jobs to support our family.


We had enough money to have what we needed, but not enough to have many of the “extras”.


I had a wide range of friends in the inner city school I went to, and it didn’t take long to realize that my family was part of an in-between group. I had friends who thought we were rich because my mom could afford to buy paper towels, and then I had friends who were able to have the nice clothes and shoes that I could never have.


I guess you could call this in-between the “paper towel gap”. We weren’t poor or living in poverty, but we weren’t middle-class either.


When I got to college, it became starkly clear the difference between the haves and the have-nots, and how difficult it is to live in the in-between. My mom made too much money for me to qualify for grants yet there wasn’t enough money for her to pay for my college, so I had to take out student loans.

Tiara Abu - Headshot - Outgrow the Grind_edited.jpg

It was during this time, and especially after I graduated from college and got my first job, that I became aware of my money story — the feelings and beliefs I’d been taught implicitly and explicitly about money.


I had just started working and had a bunch of bills to pay — for my car, my apartment, and my hospital bills, among others. I realized that my salary wasn’t enough to cover my bills, and it was a pivotal moment for me.


How was I going to make up the shortfall? How was I going to balance paying my bills while also having enough money to live a fun and happy life?


I realized that what I learned about money as a child was informing so much of my experience, since growing up my mom had always approached money with a scarcity mindset. I would see — and hear — how careful she was with her money but you sacrificed money to do fun things. The common and very confusing message was that you spend money to have fun but spending money was irresponsible..


Strapped for cash out of college, it became clear that I had to make some changes. I needed to rewrite my money story and create a future for myself that included a salary that not only covered my bills, but allowed me the opportunity to have fun, live the way I wanted to, and build wealth.


So that’s exactly what I did. I deeply analyzed the money story I was carrying and the beliefs I had about money that were holding me back.


I began to learn about — and observe — the historical and societal conditioning that had made it difficult for me — a Black woman in America — to succeed.

And I reflected on the strengths and talents that I had that would allow me to make more money and overcome my challenges.


And then...I DID.


Today, I’m not only a Deputy Chief in a school system, but I also run two businesses — one that specializes in leadership coaching and the other that helps women get in control of their finances and create, grow, and manage their wealth.


My mission and my passion is to teach women how to navigate a financial system that has — historically — not been set up in their favor, and to help them understand their finances in a way that allows them to become the empowered and educated financial leader of their life.


My goal is to let women know (including YOU!) that you’re still writing your life story…


...that just because you had financial hardships in your past or are experiencing financial hardships right now, it doesn’t mean that story will define you forever. There’s so much future ahead, and it’s YOUR future to write.


I’m here to give you the guidance and the framework you need to help you write — and live — that future in a way that opens up options, grows more wealth, and allows you to leave a legacy that you’re proud of — for your family, for your friends, or for whomever you so choose.


Ready to learn how?




Writing a New Money Story

A step-by step framework to help you own your money story of the past and create

a new story for a prosperous future.

Writing a New Money Story is a 5-chapter online course that will help you identify the money stories you’ve been carrying throughout your life so that you can form a more empowered relationship with money, create clear goals to grow wealth, and step confidently into the role of being the financial author of your life.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 6.36.17 AM.png

As part of Writing a New Money Story, you’ll receive:


That will lead you step-by-step through identifying the money story you’re carrying and rewriting it for a more prosperous future

To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your life


Where we will be right there to answer your questions, hold your accountable and encourage you along the way


Here’s what you’ll learn and explore in each chapter of

Writing a New Money Story…




We’ll kick off the course by reflecting on your current (and most likely long-held) beliefs about money, as well as the systems or the narrative that have been informing those beliefs.


The narrative around women and money has been so negative, so to acknowledge all of this empowers you to make the better decisions going forward, as well as gives you clarity around the path — and the actions — that you need to take to write the next chapter of your future.

In this chapter we’ll use the following tool:


Knowing Your Money Story Journaling Questions to help you identify the story or stories that you’ve picked up about money in your childhood and throughout your life


As women, it is easy to allow the societal narrative about women and money determine your beliefs about yourself and the women in your life. We will explore the history of women and capital to shed light on societal realities that may be impacting your money story in ways that you never realized.


Our hypothesis is that generations of women before you were not as equipped to teach you about money as you may have desired. But that’s ok, because we will unpack this in a way that helps you recognize and then overcome deep seated beliefs and behaviors that you may, in fact, have history to blame.


In this chapter we’ll use the following tool:

History Timeline and Graphics that outlines the historical and societal conditioning that has affected a woman’s relationship to/with money



In Chapter Three, we’ll explore your resilience in the face of challenges as a means to help craft a more empowering money story for your future. You’ll reflect on times in your life when you overcame challenges, as well as what characteristics within you helped you to do so. 


You’ll then reflect on how you can use those strengths to overcome the negative parts of your money story, reframing negative self-talk and refining your narrative about yourself.

In this chapter we’ll use the following tool:

Identifying Strengths and Reframing Negative Money Narratives Workbook that will help you analyze times in your life when you overcame challenges, what strengths helped you to do so, and what negative money narratives you’re carrying that need to be rewritten


In Chapter Four, it’s time for you to DREAM! You’ll spend time contemplating what you want for your life, in areas including your work, home, career, family, and health. 


The way you write your next chapter is to plan it and to know where you want to go. This chapter is about goal-setting and clarifying what the end of this new chapter of your life will look like so that you can set long- and short-term goals to get you there.

In this chapter we’ll use the following tool:

Goal-Setting Storyline to help you set the long- and short-term goals you want to reach



In our final chapter, we’ll talk about all of the people, resources, and opportunities that exist to help you reach your financial goals. 


You’ll learn how important — and ok — it is to ask for help, and spend time pinpointing what kind of help you truly need to meet your financial goals.

In this chapter we’ll use the following tool:

Industry Professional List that provides the people and the resources that exist for you by industry and by life milestones


Your experience starts immediately once you click the “I'M READY! SIGN ME UP!” button below, where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. When you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration, as well as instructions on how to access your learning portal. If you have questions along the way, our team is here to help you get access to the content and ensure you get the most out of the program!

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 8.25.09 AM.png


You can reach out to our team directly by clicking the button below.

Your background, your experiences, or your beliefs about money don’t have to define you

You can rewrite your money story RIGHT NOW...


...and begin to change your relationship with money — and your future — immediately.


By identifying the ways your current money story has affected your life…


...and dare to dream about the wealth-building and prosperous life you want for your future…’ll be taking the bold steps you need to take to gain control over your finances and to finally become the financial leader of your life.


If you’re ready to feel empowered and on purpose with your money and your finances…


...then Writing a New Money Story: A step-by step framework to help you own your money story of the past and create a new story for a prosperous future was designed to show you how.

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