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Our community of entrepreneurs are engaged, collaborative and action- oriented.

If you want to impact Black women in entrepreneurship, we want to partner with you.

Why partner with us?

Build Relationships

Become a member of a tight knit community of highly engaged, action-oriented entrepreneurs. Each actively looking for people and resources to start or grow their business.

Accelerate Impact

Customized partnerships mean we are able to develop mutually beneficial agreements that include, experiences and ROI that align to your company/brand goals.

Advance Equity

Directly work to alleviate bias, inequities and access gaps in funding, business acumen, leadership development, financial health, and network strength for Black women in business.

Strengthen Programs

No need to reinvent the wheel. Improve the quality of the programs you offer (or want to start offering) by working with us to enhance our outcomes based, action oriented programming.

Enter New Markets

Our in person and virtual programming has national reach. As a partner, your brand has the opportunity to physically or visually travel with us from city to city, across the US.

Increase Longevity

Our community of entrepreneurs are at the beginning of their journey. Working with them at this stage of business provides an opportunity for members to become ambassadors of your brand and promote you as a service or product of choice.

Partner with us.

We work with companies and brands that understand and appreciate the value that Black women entrepreneurs bring to business, enterprise and the economy. Our partners are more than sponsors, they are collaborators in our mission. We are excited to co-create an impactful experience with you.

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