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Mentorship. Business Development. Incubation.

Running a business and leading a company are two different things.


Running a company requires hustle. Leading a company requires strategy.

We know it takes...

The SHE CAN WORK Core Program is a business development program for Black women entrepreneurs.

We provide mentorship, programming, partnership and sisterhood that helps build the solid business foundation required to lead a thriving, scalable company...

In 3 Phases


During this VIRTUAL phase we assess current business health, personal development needs and leadership strengths. This time is dedicated to stabilizing the business and the entrepreneur before the intensity of the next phase.

Participant Deliverables

  • Mentor and Business Advisor Assignments

  • Orientation to Program

  • Needs Assessment

  • Business Clean Up

  • Business Bank Account

  • Strengths Assessment


5-Day Bootcamp

Participants in our program are CEOs and leaders of their companies, so you'll heavily focus on getting clarity, making decisions and setting direction for others. We DO NOT focus on helping you become an expert in areas of your business that are not required of you as CEO (i.e. branding). Instead, we help you strategize, communicate, articulate your vision, seek support and give clear instruction to service providers. 

Participants must commit to 5 full days of bootcamp style, IN PERSON completion of business basics work sessions focusing on building a strong business foundation. Each day is designed to provide direction and support execution of daily deliverables.

But First Financials

One of the primary reasons Black women owned businesses fail is related to finances. But not for you! We're spending a full day dedicated to how you will make money, setting up your financial statements and getting clear about how you will finance your new business. 

What you'll complete...

  • A Business Model Canvas

  • Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement and Balance Sheet

  • Business Funding Plan


Our entrepreneurs transition into our VIRTUAL community to continue mentoring, communication, and support from cohort members, the SCW team and our partners. Plus, the option to attend company leadership focused, Work Sessions, VIRTUALLY 2x monthly. Participation in programming at this phase is based on each entrepreneurs needs.

Work sessions focused on:

  • Securing Funding

  • Hiring

  • Revenue Generation

  • Profit Increase

The program... simply put!


Complete your application, interview and accept your invitation to join!


Complete the 5 day, boot camp style summer Work Session to establish your business foundation.


Immerse yourself in the resources, experts, network, business development tools and leadership development we provide.

Is this for you?

YES, if you are Black woman entrepreneur or aspire to be and...

  • you are serious about building a successful business

  • you are willing to WORK

  • you know websites and cute cards aren't enough

  • you don't want to hustle, you want to build

  • you want to learn how to be a true CEO of your company

  • you want to start/build a profitable business

Our Partners

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Do I need to have a registered business?

Yes, your business must be officially registered in your state before the start of the program. If you need assistance, please contact

How are mentors assigned and when?

Each cohort member will be assigned a mentor and business advisor during the first month of the program. Assignments are made based on individual personal and business needs.

What is required vs. optional?

The following are REQUIRED components of the program: * (1) Onboarding Call with a SHE CAN WORK mentor * Monthly Call with an Assigned Business Mentor * Quarterly Calls with an Assigned Business Advisor * 5-Day Bootcamp, July 10-14, 9 AM - 3 PM

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, there is an investment of $2500 to participate in the full year. Monthly payments are available.

How many bootcamp days can I miss?

In order to increase your success, we require that you commit to 100% of the bootcamp day, 100% of the 5 days. We understand emergencies occur, but HIGHLY recommend you postpone participation if you can't commit.

What happens after the program?

During the program you will be matched with a mentor and business advisor that you can continue with beyond the program. Additionally, you will build relationships with a number of our partners for continued growth. AND, you will be a lifelong member of the SHE CAN WORK community.

We're excited for you!

*Must be available to attend in person bootcamp, Oct. 23-27, 9am-4pm. All other programming is virtual

*Must be available to attend in person bootcamp, Nov. 27-Dec.1, 9am-4pm. All other programming is virtual

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