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Acquania Escarne

POM Leave a Legacy Real Estate Edition Challenge Replays



Get access to the webinar replays from the Leave a Legacy Challenge: Real Estate Edition, which happened November 14-18, 2022. In these webinars, you'll learn from real estate experts how to leverage cash, life insurance, and retirement savings to buy hotels, retire early, purchase your dream home, do short-term rentals, and more! Speakers include: Acquania Escarne, Davonne Reaves, Antoinette Munroe, Sade Albino-Burns, Paul Lancaster, and Blake Bozeman.

Hi there!

Acquania is a financial coach, hotel owner, podcast host, and life insurance producer. She is committed to helping people find financial freedom and build wealth. As a financial coach, she equips her clients with "outside the box" finance tips, debt payment plans, retirement planning, and more. With her advice clients can exceed their financial and personal goals.


"So excited to learn next steps"- Kimberlee Manora

"It was great I will be ready to make some moves soon" - Shaneiry Perez

"It was well put together and very informative" - Geraldine Maison

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