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A business resource center and community hub for Black women to commune, build, network, learn and WORK on building their businesses. 

The Workspace is a  It's time to surround yourself with business focused Black women who are ready to work!

We're working together to build strong businesses. Here's what we're doing... 

Exclusive Events

We're best known for our events where you not only gain valuable resources for your business, but meet incredible women. Some of the brilliant women in our network want to go deeper with you on topics that matter most. 

Resource Library

There are a multitude of resources available to entrepreneurs. But if you don't know about them, you will never benefit. Our resource library is a curation of grants, webinar replays, discounts, special offers and more... all purposed to help you and your business.

Mentor Office Hours

Sometimes in a workshop or panel discussion you miss the chance to get your burning questions answered. We've partnered with experts across industries to offer open q&a that gives you the personal attention you need.

Member Directory

Your network says a lot about you. Your network should also be full of people that you trust, you can do business with, and you would recommend to friends! That's what we're building in this community of entrepreneurs.

Meaningful Connection

Black women naturally have a communal spirit. We are warriors and protectors of our own. We are proud of the deeply personal connections that happen in the SHE CAN WORK community. Come grow your business and your soul.

Collaboration Opportunities

Partnership and collaboration are REQUIRED in business. We simply won't make it alone. We've created space for you to find your next speaker, co-host your next event, or find your next podcast guest.

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