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an exact framework for how to live a life free of personal and generational money mistakes and TRANSFORM YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE


but maybe it doesn't feel like it...yet

this free Masterclass will help you identify why you struggle with money and give you a framework for a better financial future.

No matter what you were taught about money or the mistakes you've made in the past, you have the power to change your future and become more confident about your money.

The trick is figuring out exactly what it is that's holding you back and getting clear about what you want for YOUR future.

So you can make more, invest more and save more money!

It's time to say good bye to barriers and hello to a new financial outlook. It's time to stop doubting yourself and feeling ashamed, and TAKE CHARGE like the AMAZING, POWERFUL WOMAN YOU ARE!

Join Tiara Abu -- coach, educator, entrepreneur and reformed baggage carrier -- for a FREE CLASS on how to EVOLVE and transform your financial future.



  • how to identify the learned habits, mindsets and beliefs that have you struggling

  • a 4 component framework to completely change your money situation

  • the ONE thing you must do TODAY for a better financial tomorrow

HEY GIRLFRIEND! I hope you're not thinking this is not for you. It is for you and you deserve to have more!


  • you are worthy of financial freedom

  • this Masterclass is FREE

  • it's virtual! so you can watch from anywhere in the world

  • you can and should invite your friends that need this

if you answer yes to one, or more, of the statements below, SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE MASTERCLASS!

  • you have more money than most people in your family, but you still worry about your financial future

  • you've tried different tactics and strategies but you haven't experienced a change in your money reality

  • you haven't given your relationship with money much thought but you know you could have more money if you did

  • you have experienced shame about your finances and want to overcome it and move forward

  • you were taught that you were bad with money and that managing money just isn't "your thing"

  • you don't pay much attention to your finances but you want to start so your future is more secure

  • you have goals and dreams but you feel stuck and want to figure out how to finally reach them


did you answer yes to one, or more, of the questions? Then, this FREE MASTERCLASS is for you! sign up!


Tiara Abu - Headshot - Outgrow the Grind.JPG

Hi, I’m Tiara Abu — educator, coach, entrepreneur, and founder of SHE CAN WORK School for Women.


I grew up in a single-parent home in Kansas City, Missouri, with a mom who worked multiple jobs to support our family. We had enough money to have what we needed, but not enough to have many of the “extras”. 


After I graduated from college and got my first job, I became aware of my money story — the feelings and beliefs I’d been taught implicitly and explicitly about money. 


I realized that what I learned about money as a child was informing so much of my experience, since growing up my mom had always approached money with a scarcity mindset. 

Strapped for cash out of college, it became clear that I had to make some changes. I needed to rewrite my money story and create a more prosperous future for myself.


So that’s exactly what I did. I deeply analyzed the money story I was carrying and the beliefs I had about money that were holding me back.

I began to learn about — and observe — the historical and societal conditioning that had made it difficult for me — a Black woman in America — to succeed.


And I reflected on the strengths and talents that I had that would allow me to make more money and overcome my challenges. 


And then...I DID.


My mission and my passion is to teach women how to navigate a financial system that has — historically — not been set up in their favor, and to help them understand their finances in a way that allows them to become the empowered and educated financial leader of their life.

your past doesn't define your future. YOU define your future. where you go from here is about conscious decisions you make today. recognition of this alone, is enough to propel you into the future you want for yourself. - TIARA ABU

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