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The Savvy Chick Realty and Estate Planning Agency



When you want to buy house you work with a realtor. But when you are ready to make smart investments, you work with a Savvy Chick! Every realtor in our group is also a certified estate planning and we have a full team of professionals ready to support you in the investment process. From attorneys to contractors, we make real estate investments seamless and profitable.


Teaching you to make money the Savvy Way

Lisa McCoy


Hi, my name is Lisa McCoy and I am the CEO of Savvy Chicks. When I started this business I had just finished purchasing my third investment property and I was tired of meeting with a string of unconnected people to help me make the deal and close it. I dreamed of having a full team, dedicated to me, that I could reach through one person! I was overwhelmed so I know how you might be feeling. Savvy Chicks makes the investment process seamless. Work with us!


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