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Lead WITH People LLC



I have provide individual/group coaching, as well as workshops for junior and senior leaders.

"Being a leader is not about you. It is about the people on your team..." - Susan Vobejda

Tiara Abu

Founder and CEO

I am Tiara Abu, an educator, coach, speaker and entrepreneur who serves full time as Founder and CEO of SHE CAN WORK, LLC and Lead WITH People, LLC. My expertise lies in teaching leaders how to effectively lead other people to outcomes, and coaching individuals to reach their highest potential and individual goals.


...Individual coaching with Tiara has been a fantastic experience as well. It has been one of the most valuable benefits I have received from an emplo

Not only have I grown as leader through [Tiara's] coaching, but she has moved me to practice rest as an act of liberation and acknowledge that my sile

What I enjoyed most about her style is she’s a “people first” leader but does not sacrifice outcomes.

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