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Acquania Escarne

The Purpose of Money Maximizer



I’m going to show you how to get the capital you need for real estate investing, and then I'm going to provide you with the knowledge you need to go about leaving a legacy. This master class will teach you: The real, often unknown power of life insurance and how it can become a guaranteed way to leave a legacy; How to determine what type of life insurance you need as well as how much you need; How to build up enough cash in life insurance to start investing in real estate and creating generational wealth; Plus, you’ll learn all about additional benefits of life insurance like the living benefits, its ability to pay for college, and how it can supplement your retirement. This masterclass contains all the essential information and tips you need to know to start taking full advantage of the power of life insurance.

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Acquania Escarne began her career as a Diplomat for the U.S. Department of State in 2008. While serving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Acquania realized how many working professionals, including her own colleagues, were not prepared for an emergency or unexpected life event. The devastating 2010 earthquake demonstrated that even high-income earners often times did not have sufficient life insurance, proper estate planning, or savings. This experience inspired Acquania to work more closely with professionals who have the potential to build generational wealth with the right guidance and support. Today, Acquania is a financial coach, hotel owner, podcast host, and life insurance producer. She is committed to helping people find financial freedom and build wealth. As a financial coach, she equips her clients with "outside the box" finance tips, d


"Life-changing experience. I am a lot more comfortable when it comes to numbers, investing, and budgeting. It's been life-changing." - Josie Lee

"Acquania is a pleasure to work with. She broke down all the fancy finance terms. I highly recommend working with Acquania." - Jordan Carter

It's so multifaceted with all the retirement, insurance, investment accounts, social security.I wish I would've had this 10 years ago. Just impressed

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