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Rachel Johnson

15 Ways to Earn $2000 in the Next 30 Days

$47.00 USD


You have so many ideas in your head about how you could make extra money, but you’re not quite sure which ones will ACTUALLY make you money! Please stop stressing about this! I can help! I’m going to teach you 15 ways that you can earn extra money ($2000 to be exact) in the next 30 days! You don’t have time to waste on intense setups, costly product overhead, or lengthy sign-up processes. That’s why I’ve taken what I’ve learned from generating over $200,000 a year in passive income and put it into a course that will put you on the path to getting your first deposits in the next 30 days. It’s time to monetize those talents and move your plans forward. 15 Ways to Earn $2000 in the Next 30 Days will be one of the best investments you’ve made this year. I can’t wait to hear about your success!

Hi there!

Hi! My name is Rachel and I can’t wait for you to start earning more income! I have helped over 100 women, just like you, who want to earn more income using their talents and passions. In my coaching practice, my clients are increasing their income by being intentional, having a plan, and most importantly, taking action! You can do this too and I know this guide is going to help you tremendously! A little about me! I am a full-time entrepreneur dedicated to helping corporate women earn their worth through salary increases and additional revenue streams. I specialize in offer and pay raise negotiation, as well as creating side hustles that don’t feel like hustling at all. I have 2 kids, a cat named Joe and I love running!


“After I took Rachel’s course I was able to make $4000 in 90 days. Her strategies were so easy to implement” - Nicole W.

“Using the strategies from 15 Ways in 30 Days I increased my income enough to actually hire some help in my business” - Claudia R.

“You HAVE to take this course! Rachel breaks it down so simply! I’ve already started making money from 3 of her strategies!” -Monica H.

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