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where women come to make, save and invest more money

We're on a mission to build a community of women committed to financial freedom through education and access.

HOW IT Works

Our online marketplace is a community of confident, ambitious women investing in the themselves for more successful personal and business finances. We connect women ready to experience more financial success with women who have dedicated their lives and businesses to helping women do so.



We have partnered to bring financial services and knowledge right to your fingertips. No more endless searching for information online or luck of the draw financial service experts. Our search tools and directory help you explore products and services all in one place and build connections with women who have started their finance-focused business, specifically with you in mind.


Selling WITH US

If your business is built for women, this is the place for you! Our community of financial educators has dedicated themselves to high quality products and transformational service. With low fees, your target audience, and support and education, we help finance-focused entrepreneurs generate sustainable revenue in their businesses. Want to sell your product or service with us? List unlimited products for only $199/annually.

At SHE CAN WORK we value empowerment, trust, transformation, legacy, justice and innovation




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I am Tiara Abu and I am on a mission to create trust-worthy, educational and open access community for women get the service, tools and resources they need to make, save and invest more money.


Women are the true architects of society, the behind the scenes decision makers and influencers of homes, commerce and business all around the world. 


Women have long been traditioned as homemakers and children rearers in the US and other countries. Even with recognition of voting rights, increases in women in positions of power, educational access and the slow moving pay increases that have happened, women continue to be overwhelmingly more responsible for homemaking and less responsible (and even given access) to wealth management.


SHE CAN WORK seeks to shift this antiquated ideology and create a learning environment for women to be equipped with the knowledge they need to take their place as wealth generators, as well as wealth managers in their homes.

Connect with me! 

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